Joël, sj Volunteer

publié le 18-11-2019

The time I spent at Service Yezu Mwiza, I was able to discover the atmosphere and the love of the work that the staff has for the PLWHA. As for the communication service I was part of, I found that it is essential for the good functioning of an organization, because it makes known what all that an organization does, and many know the Service Yezu Mwiza through that service. I leave with the image of this work of the Society of Jesus as a socio-medical centre for the most deprived. I was especially moved by its mobile clinic strategy, which consists in bringing the entire package of its clinical services to the nearest locality of the beneficiaries in order to reduce the distance they have to travel to come and collect the medicines, given that most of them are vulnerable and no longer even manage to satisfy their most basic needs.

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