Excellent glass installed on high imitation watches

Various designs, made of many different materials. With that comes abundance of prices. Many people are very confused and confused when changing their replica watches for glass. Because I doní»t know what types there are. Don't worry too much, the following information will help you eliminate this worry.

The glass is made of transparent synthetic resin. It can be easily identified by external observation, for example: the glass is thick, convex, transparent but not too sharp. After using for a period of time, the glass surface tends to be more opaque and easy to scratch. More importantly, this glass cannot be polished.

Mica glass is often used in children's replica watches uk. The low price and the convex surface that creates a very attractive appearance are the advantages that make this type of glass still popular. In contrast, high-end watch brands use high-quality glass instead of plastic glass.

This type of glass is made by mixing glass with many other inorganic minerals to help increase hardness. It can be said that this is the most popular type of glass on the market today. The biggest advantage of this kind of hard glass is that it is easy to re-polished as new. Therefore, when scratches appear on the glass surface, you don't have to worry too much! You may not know that hard glass is considered a standard glass, which can be distinguished and compared with other types of glass (such as scratch-resistant sapphire glass, hard-resistant Rex glass...) because they are very popular.